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star wars republic ship prefix

It was commanded by a High Jedi General, such as a member of the Jedi High Council. Upgrades requested by Republic Special Forces ensure reliable performance and durability: state-of-the-art armor plating and heavy laser cannons provide exceptional combat capability, modular shield systems protect the Thunderclap from enemy … —Silly Dan (talk) 04:33, 3 May 2007 (UTC), Those are the only ones I've spotted so far, but I'm not very far through the book. If they did, it would likely be HHS (the Emperor's form of address is apparently "Highness"). Under the Pius Dea, the Navy also established a large number of Ordnance/Regional Depots along the frontier of the Republic, planets that served as home bases from which the Pius Dea and the Navy could push forward into the "alien chaos" of the Outer Rim. The Trade Federation was headed by Viceroy Nute Gunray, and even had its own representative in the Republic Senate to lobby for even greater power. The Republic Navy or Republic fleet, once known as the Navy of the Republic,[6] was the military fleet used to defend the Galactic Republic throughout many millennia. There are no official Prefix's for Imperial ships. The Ravager, the first of the Ravager-class star destroyers, was destroyed during the Battle of Jakku. And before I inserted those hyphens into your sig above, I thought that you meant there was an. In the early conflicts, both Alsakan and the Coruscant-controlled Republic attempted to use massive battle fleets to secure victories, but neither side had the military resources to split their forces between attack and defense. The Venator-class Star Destroyer, also known as a Republic attack cruiser or Jedi Cruiser, was a dagger-shaped capital ship used by the Galactic Republic Navy for ship-to-ship combat, capital ship escort, and fighter carrying against the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. [16], Element: The technical name given to a single ship, each ship was normally commanded by a Captain. [1], The Republic Military converted at blasterpoint thousands of people in the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim, and though defeated populations could retain autonomy if they converted, only those who joined the Republic Navy could move freely between planets. The Republic Navy during the time of the Jedi Civil War. The Conflicts grew less and less brutal over the centuries, as all of them ended in ceasefires and most consisted only of raiding of colonies. I've only added 12 prefixes to the generator, all of which are fairly generic, but hopefully you'll feel inspired to create your own acronyms that fit your story, if needed. Date dissolved Historical information They're your base of operations and a handy retreat. XS Stock light freighter - Smuggler 1. What ship prefixes, if any, are used in the GFFA? [12] When the Galactic Empire was formed, the Republic Navy became the Imperial Navy.[11]. Welcome back to part 2 of every starfighter ever used by the Republic! When the Galactic Republic was founded in 25,053 BBY, it was founded without a standing navy. The Cal-class was equipped with a hull-running mass-driver cannon. A Republic fleet during the Great Sith War. By the 11,500s BBY, Pius Dea cathedral ships made up a large part of the Navy, crewed by descendants of the original naval crews and commanded by missionaries. Trending pages. Any planetary government could call upon the Navy's help, although it would need Senate approval if the action was to last longer than seven standard days. Its priorities were shifted from full-scale conflict to sector-scale and system-scale patrol, anti-pirate operations, and exploration of the galaxy.[4]. While technically in command of any ships within their sector of operation, this authority was rarely exercised except in cases of meddling in local politics. General information The rich and heavily industrialized Core Worlds like Corellia, Humbarine, and Kuat built fleets centered around powerful multi-kilometer long warships. 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There was no set size for each fleet, with each admiral given command of a number of sectors along the battlefront with the authority to make broad strategic decisions. The only ones I can think of offhand are: Are there any others? Around 15,000 BBY, however, the Senate finally heeded the pleas of the outlying systems and re-established the Navy[1] with its headquarters on Coruscant. Two Delta-7s escorting LAAT/is deployed from an assault ship. Anyway it appears that SHU is acceptable for Lambda-class shuttles too. [16], Fleet: A Fleet was commanded by a Fleet Admiral. level 1 Civilian prefixes are often used inconsistently, and frequently not at all. A ship prefix is a combination of letters, usually abbreviations, used in front of the name of a civilian or naval ship. [2], Below them were the various Fleets commanded by Admirals, Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals. Ever wondered what the Galactic Empire did with all the Venator Star Destroyers that were lying around from the Clone Wars? The Foray-class was a Republic workhorse through several great conflicts. These fighters were meant for ship-to-ship combat as well as space fights. The Rebel Alliance (also formerly known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic or known as the Rebellion) is a fictional stateless interstellar coalition of republican dissidents, revolutionary factions and anti-imperialist clandestine cell systems in a resistance movement against the imperialist Galactic Empire.The Alliance's goal is to restore the Galactic Republic. Ships represent freedom and a place to call your own. This was most likely the basis for the Imperial Marines. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1. The only ones I can think of offhand are: RS (for Rebel Ship? [16] The command structure of the Republic Navy was further broken down as follows: Republic Navy: Consisting of hundreds of fleets, the Navy was under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Supreme Chancellor Palpatine after the passage of the Security Act amendment. Is HIMS actually used anywhere? This category contains starships, vehicles intended for space travel, utilized during the Clone Wars. Symbol worn by Carth Onasi and other military personnel defending Serroco during the Mandalorian Wars. [9] Individual senators also often commandeered Navy groups for their own benefit. The Acclamator-class assault ship, a return to aggressive power projection in the galaxy. Starships that have appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Star Wars: The Old Republic respectively. Most officers, especially high-ranking officers, were not clones. Later, during the Jedi Civil War, the Republic had to rely on smaller ships such as the Hammerhead-class cruiser. Date founded BT-7 Thunderclap - Republic trooper 2. While the adult Jedi try to save the ship, Vernestra, Avon, Avon's droid J-6, a Jedi Padawan, and an ambassador's son make it to an escape shuttle, but communications are out and supplies are low. Thus, for example, the Hawkeye Tier 2 prefix, which is derived from an Overkill Tier 1 prefix, will add a total of +24 Power and +27 Accuracy to the base prototype (blue) droid component. Edit source History Talk (0) The ships of the New Republic. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Other information The Katana fleet was the first attempt by the Republic to make a functioning armada for the Navy, but it was soon lost. Venator Classification: Venator Class Assault Cruiser The earliest Predecessor of the Imperial Star Destroyer. According to navy tradition, the Republic Navy was headquartered on Foerost, the site of the Republic's largest shipyard, but it was disbanded at the war's end around 23,900 BBY. IIRC, Stover's ROTS novel uses "R.S.S" for the starships of the Galactic Republic. Numbering between 48 to 72 warships plus support units, a Battle Group was considered to have enough force to take all but the most heavily fortified enemy strongholds. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. It was generally composed of 3 to 6 Battle Groups numbering between 100 to 300 warships plus support units. Officially wiping away the thous… The distinctive profile of the Imperial-class instilled fear into the soldiers of rebellious factions, and the name of a Star Destroyer could be preceded by the ship prefix ISD (standing for Imperial Star Destroyer). [1], In 11,987 BBY, the Human Contispex I became Supreme Chancellor, beginning the period known as the Pius Dea Era. Green Tentacle (Talk) 20:10, 30 May 2007 (UTC). Republic Dreadnaught-class cruisers land on Coruscant. [2], In the subsequent Alsakan Conflicts, both the Navy and Alsakan began to use their larger battleships to guard their planets in the Core while smaller and faster cruisers raided and protected colonies in the Expansion Region. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Watch in game starship gameplay from combat missions on YouTube. c. 23,900 BBY[1] Contispex was a high-ranking member of the Pius Dea religion, and his ascension to the head of the Republic soon brought Pius Dea adherents into most of the government's positions of power. (Note: Prior to Clone Wars, some of these ships were used by individual home fleets and not the centralized Navy.[11]). [14] Some of these planetary forces include: Oversight over the Republic Navy was handled by the Senate Naval Subcommittee whilst appropriations were dealt with by its Procurement Panel of the Senate Naval Subcommittee. Galactic Senate[1]Supreme Chancellor[1] The last 5 names will have a random prefix attached, which is sometimes done in sci-fi. Trending … Each Section was meant to compliment each other, such as a group of escorts providing a defensive screen for larger warships. Republic Navy The Veracity Tier 2 Prefix for Droid Components only adds 27 Shield rating to the value of the Tier 1 schematic. The BT-7 Thunderclap is the Republic's largest and most elite rapid assault ship—streamlined for fast deployment in combat situations. [2] Centuries following this event, the Republic fleet suffered heavy casualties from the onslaught of the newly reborn Sith Empire. jSarek, if you mean things like the Xwing games, then there's a whole vast swath of prefixes: CORT, FRT, INT, etc. It was not until 24,000 BBY, when the Tionese War against the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion began, that a centralized navy was created; the Republic's member worlds had relied on their own militaries and were expected to contribute resources and troops to a centralized force if a threat presented itself. Ironically, Anakin Skywalker proposed this plan to the Jedi Council and helped create one such militia, training resistance fighters on Onderon. [Source]. For 4,000 years, the Republic Navy also worked almost side by side with the Jedi Order in repelling attacks from the Sith Order and other aggressors. The main battleships were donated by the Trade Federation.During the early days of the Separatist Alliance, the fledgling Confederate Navy was complemented by Sabaoth Squadron, pledged to the Separatist c… Under Contispex's descendants and successors in the Contispex dynasty of Chancellors, the Republic would launch a total of thirty-four crusades against alien species, and the Navy became a stronghold of Pius Dea influence during their reign. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was announced on October 21, 2008. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The exact role of a Section determined how many ships it contained. [1] During the first few centuries of the Navy's existence, they fought battles at planets such as Esaga, Caulbon, and the Sundered Veil nebula, and the Navy's ships defended the Republic's colonies and fought back against the slavers who plagued the Outer Rim Territories.

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